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The village Şuncuiuş is located on the northwest of Romania, on the eastern part of the county Bihor, at the foot of the mountains called �Pădurea Craiului� (meaning �the king's forest�), on the middle flow of the river Crişul Repede and includes four villages: Şuncuiuş, which is the central village, and the villages Bălnaca, Zecehotare and Bălnaca Groşi, which is located on a 7204 ha of [...]

    Tradition and culture

Speaking about the folk habits and traditions, although these were one well represented, they have vanished in time, so that nowadays they are to be found only here and there. The most popular among the folk habits is the one called �claca�, (which is a kind of a society, the members of which meet from time to time), but also some religious holiday-specific habits, that can be found in our [...]

    The local economy

The local economy is marked by the loss of the most important income generating and workplace-creating activity represented by the local mining company, which currently has 65 employees, about 10 % of the workers from the years before 1989. Currently the former mine of Şuncuiuş is part of the firm �Bega Minerale S. A.� from TimiŞoara. Besides the clay exploitation [...]


In Şuncuiuş there is a central water supply system which assures water to 1091 people and 26 economic agents. Until now there are 441 individual branches connected to the water supply network. 279 of them are connected to block-flats and 162 are connected to houses. The water supply network of the town was made in the �60s together with the drainage system. In 2006 the water supply [...]


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